The Only Comprehensive Real Estate Policy Available

The Most Comprehensive & Affordable
Real Estate Insurance Solution

ExecutivePerils' RE360® policy enables diverse Real Estate professionals to better control costs and gain comprehensive coverage  for all facets of their operation with one policy, one underwriter and one expert claims' adjuster.

We set out to solve a problem many of our clients and insureds are facing:                                       

RE360® provides easy, cost effective, and efficient procurement of valuable protection for directors, officers, owners and the corporate entity.
  • No one policy (with one underwriter and one claims adjuster) that would insure against all the different E&O, EPL,  and D&O exposures.

Before RE360®, the "solution" would mandate numerous costly policies, frequently with different insurance companies causing claim(s) settlement conflicts. Even under the best circumstances, the likelyhood of gaps was great.

RE360® was designed to allow for diversified real estate companies to package their numerous perils into one comprehensive policy with broad coverage. RE360® provides excellent value.

RE360® is menu driven, which allows each insured to customize their coverage to meet their unique needs. By offering one aggregate program that require more than $5 million can be layered, allowing for even greater premium savings.

Unique Advantages one policy can include:

Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Tenant Discrimination, Client Discrimination, Real Estate Sales E&O, Mortgage Brokers E&O, Property Developers E&O, Appraisers E&O, Fiduciary Liability, Escrow E&O, Title Agents E&O, Property Managers E&O, Lockbox Coverage, Leasing Agents E&O, Cyber Insurance

Innovative Policy Overview

  • Comprehensive Named Insured
  • One Policy / One Underwriter / One Application /All Coverages
  • Claims - Made & Reported
  • Post Policy Reporting
  • Agent Owned Property
  • Broad Definition of RE Service
  • Fair Housing Discrimination Coverage
  • Subpoena Assistance Offered
  • Limits Up to $25 Million Available
  • Highly Experienced Underwriters
  • Liberal Pollution Exclusion
  • No "Hammer": D&O, EPL and Fiduciary
  • 80/20 "Hammer": E&O
  • Retro Coverage Available
  • Early Resolution Bonus
  • "Failure to Advise" Coverage
  • Property Damage Coverage
  • Broad Public Relations Coverage
  • Outside Directorship Coverage
  • Renewal Application (After 1st Year)
  • Excellent Claims Service
  • A.M. Best: A+ XV

“Provided as general overview. Please see policy terms, conditions, & exclusions for exact coverage."








Claims Examples

  • TBD

Submission Requirements

RE360 Application
5 Year Carrier Loss Runs
Sample Contracts
Copies of current D&O, E&O, EPL Policies