We are committed to hiring the industry's best, who are consistently challenging themselves to exceed the expectations of our clients. We consider each opportunity to serve our clients as a way to build our relationships.

Our contribution to the process is proportionate to our expertise, timely service, comprehensive coverages and ease in doing business.

We respect and will honor the traditional wholesale - retail relationship. Our clients will always be the retail agent and broker. Our independence allows our clients the freedom to choose the most qualified partner, without concern.

We are committed to always remain independently owned and operated.

The ExecutivePerils mission is clear and precise. We feel strongly that by focusing our efforts in the following "corporate principals" our success will naturally follow:

We are solely dedicated and loyal to the traditional 'wholesale-retail" relationship. We have not and will not compete with our retail agents/brokers by soliciting Insured(s) directly. Our loyalty is with our retail agent/broker.

Our independent ownership and management allows us to concentrate of efforts in our clients' best interest. There is not confusion on our motivations. Our success is dependent on our clients' success. We prefer a clear and simple approach to business. We do not engage in contingency arrangements.

We are committed to quality service and recognize this as a chief difference between us and our competitors. Our QualityPLUS Initiative is reviewed weekly and is a corner stone of ExecutivePerils. All submissions and claims are acknowledged within hours of receipt and submitted to underwriters no later then 24 hours after receipt (over 85% are sent within 4 hours of receipt). Policy delivery is monitored on a weekly basis.

Innovation and product expertise are qualities that have allowed us to deliver where others could not. We have worked with many underwriters to draft policies for new exposures and manuscripted endorsements to address specific Insureds' specific concerns.

We seek partners that recognize the value added that we contribute to the process. Being partners is mutual and by providing unbiased recommendations, giving 100% effort, paying high commissions and assisting in claims resolution, we believe that a mutual beneficial relationship builds loyalty with our partners.


Products Driven

We are committed to developing new products and constantly enhancing our existing products so as to give you a consistent edge over your competitors.


We want to offer the best service company in our industry. It is our goal to have all policies issued and returned to you within three working days.


We have the ability to write on both an admitted and non-admitted basis in all states. We can be compensated via fee or commission. We will glady join you on sales calls as well when making the final presentation.


We offer competitive commission rates.


Tremendous depth of underwriter knowledge.


We have placed D&O/EPLI in excess of $250 million.